Ceramics (Raku)

Ceramics (Raku)
"Moonlight Dance of the Crows"

Friday, 2 March 2012

Printing Fun - Drypoint

I enjoy working with texturing tools with clay and have found pleasing similarities with basic printworking. DRYPOINT  also brings back fond memories of some of my first pieces of artwork created with "British Scraperboard".
With any new genre it goes a lot easier if you know some of the "tricks of the trade".
Using water based printing ink, I had initial problems with fast drying. even with damp paper . Inking up a perspex plate was very tricky and yielded only partial results - frustrating in a group situation!

The answer was just one drop of washing up liquid in the small amount of ink used - plus a rounded nuffing pad to take off excess ink in circular motions - so as not to lift out ink from incised lines,

Damp paper dabbed off to an even finish was ideal for lifting a print. I love the individual character of these prints - with each inking up there are more possibilities.