Ceramics (Raku)

Ceramics (Raku)
"Moonlight Dance of the Crows"

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Interview with Worthing Art

I was really happy to give an interview to this group of talented people. Check out their pages at worthingart.wordpress.com

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Life Classes at the Heene Gallery

The life classes are going really well with great feedback, in a scenario where I have not advertised as "word of mouth" seems to be doing all the work!
Some really great pieces of work being produced across a broad range of personal styles.
The second costume life night was inspired by the folk- lore world of Arthur Rackham's illustrations of fairies.
Our wonderful model for the evening was o.k. with the bracken, ivy and vines - and with wearing the large tissue fairy wings!
The reference photos I took turned out really grainy for several reasons - mainly that I forgot to alter the low res format from a previous shoot. Still, kind of adds to the mystery.