Ceramics (Raku)

Ceramics (Raku)
"Moonlight Dance of the Crows"

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Currently Exhibiting

Really pleased to be one of "The Invited" artists exhibiting in the current show till February in the main upstairs gallery at Worthing Museum & Art Gallery.

It's a really professional looking show with a broad range of work. Particularly notable are my friend Teresa Martin's sculptures - she's done some amazing pieces this year and continues to be an inspiration to her students.

I have a case of Raku ceramics on show and am working on some prints and mounted originals for my new browser.

Chanctonbury - Stormy Night

Turquoise Trees

Dragon's Egg

Dragons Egg

It's well worth a look - I have to get some more work together to replace the sold items - pyromania follows shortly!